How to choose curtains for the interior

Engaged in the design of the room, experts pay attention to the fact that the curtains in the interior play a final role. They give the final look to the image and style of the room. A properly chosen curtain is a harmonious accent decorating the room. Conversely, the wrong shade is a decorative catastrophe, a daily reminding myself. When sewing curtains to order or purchase, you should pay attention to the color, texture, style, material, style and size of products. But everything in order.

Selection of color shades

To understand how to choose the color of the curtains to the interior, you need to decide on several positions:

What will be combined curtains (furniture, walls or decor)?
Should they be in the same tone with the interior or Vice versa, will they become a bright accent?
Will carry a functional role or decorative?
An important factor in the choice of curtains is the stage of creating the interior. If the repair is finished (walls, floors and ceilings are decorated, the decor is placed), the curtains are selected for any of the interior elements. If the repair is only designed, then the choice is guided by any of the proposed methods.

Neutral curtains

Curtains in a modern interior can be both contrasting and neutral.

Neutral colors include the following:

white and all its shades (for example, milk, pearl, snow) - the color is especially relevant for Scandinavian interiors and various modern styles;
beige-it fits well into the room in the style of contemporary, eclectic or classic, goes well with brown, gold and white colors;
gray and its light and dark shades-colors are suitable for placing in a cold color palette;
black is a very bright and active color, but it is rightfully considered neutral, coming to a diverse color palette.

Curtains to match the walls

The combination of color curtains and Wallpaper in the interior is suitable for decoration of small rooms, as the walls merge with the window in a single line, the space is not divided into parts. Also scheme selection curtains under color walls is considered the most safe – there is no likelihood miss and choose not an opportune color. It does not matter what color the floor, ceiling or furniture. If the walls and curtains are in harmony, it is-a winning option. You can play with shades, and choose a brown Wallpaper light brown curtains. They, by the way, can be patterned, embroidered, patterned or embossed. This option will look elegant.

Curtains in the color of the interior

Often bedrooms or rest rooms are decorated in one color, that is, the room is characterized as a" blue room "or"pink bedroom". However, this formulation hides a combination of light and dark faces of the same color, its halftones and pallets. To create the interior of the "blue room" select Wallpaper and paint blue, curtains and textiles are selected in the desired shade of blue, but with a pattern. This move adds liveliness to the situation. Curtains harmoniously fit into the space without standing out from the General background.

Color contrasting curtains

Colored curtains in the interior is a bold accent that can completely transform the monotonous strict design, filling it with the energy of juicy color. For neutral interiors, made in white, beige, gray or black, select curtains juicy colors of the rainbow spectrum. For example, the white interior is enlivened by curtains of a deep green shade, and bright orange panels make it warmer.